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Stonewall Sports - Chicago Board of Directors

  • Sam Lingeman,  Chairman of the Board 
  • Aniekan Akpaninyie, Commissioner - Stonewall Dodgeball
  • Rashaad Barnett, Director, Diversity and Inclusion
  • David Blackett, Finance Director
  • David Cabrera, Stonewall Bocce
  • Patrick Crosson, Director at Large and Founder
  • Michael Czopkiewicz, Commissioner - Stonewall Game Night
  • James Hernandez, Secretary
  • Buzz Hyler, Director at Large
  • Alex JonesCommissioner - Stonewall Bowling
  • Jonathan Pinkerton, Director, Membership Engagement & Events
  • Joey Vivoda, Commissioner - Stonewall Kickball
  • Adam Zebelian, Director at Large

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