Leadership Code of Conduct

Stonewall Sports - Chicago Leadership Code of Conduct

Stonewall Sports - Chicago board members and sports leadership teams are stewards of the entire Stonewall Chicago mission and vision. They are ambassadors of the Stonewall brand, which transcends on and off the field.

Stonewall leaders need to be held to a higher standard.

In order to foster a community of inclusive, low-cost, high FUN sports, Stonewall leaders must lead by example and create an environment where every single member of the Stonewall community feels safe.  

If a Stonewall leader has breached that conduct, they will be held responsible. Any Stonewall member can file a grievance against a member of leadership or the board.

In order to do so, the following steps will be performed:

      • Stonewall Member files a form.
      • The Stonewall Commissioner or Director of Membership Engagement will review the grievance. If found valid, the Stonewall Board will be activated.
      • The grievance is then reviewed by the Stonewall Board. If a member of the board is the subject of the grievance, he/she will be excluded from the review process.
      • The Stonewall Board will determine if there is merit to the grievance and perform a vote.
      • A simple majority of the vote will result in the grievance being upheld and filed against the subject. In lieu of a tie, the Chairman of the Boardâ??s vote will determine the outcome.
      • The number of grievances with merit constitutes the following disciplinary actions:
        • 1 grievance: no action taken
        • 2 grievances: one-week suspension
        • 3 grievances: removal from Stonewall leadership position
        • 4 grievances: removal from entire Stonewall organization for one year

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